As a year 11 student this year also completing head start year 12 subjects, the BGG Diary was the one thing I had in my hands all day everyday!
Planning my assessments, my end of year exam (which I am about to sit) and using the diary to plan out all my studying has changed my life and organisation.
Switching from using my phone calendar, to your diary is so much more productive, I love to cross things off and it’s so much more than a diary to me, the little quotes and all the different sections keeps me motivated with all my tasks due and scheduling. I am so bloody keen to get next years heading into year 12 to help me achieve all my planning and studying efficiently.


I received my diary as a birthday present at the start of the year and absolutely love it!
I usually give up on yearly diaries after 2-3 months but I am obsessed with mine as it is so aesthetic and easy to use! The free space on each page is amazing and allows freedom with doodles/text as you aren’t restricted to lined pages. The weekly overview is a god send as well.
Can’t wait to get mine for 2022 xx


I was never a diary person until I purchased a BGG diary this year and I absolutely loooove it!
It kept me accountable through the multiple Victorian lockdowns.
The “grateful for” section was amazing for those down days during lockdown, it really makes you sit down and think about how lucky you actually are.
Keep doing great things you absolute lord!
Can’t wait to get my hands on a 2022 diary! x